• Patchouli Coconut Candle

Made with love our coconut wax blend candle is pure and natural, burns cleaner and brighter for longer.  There are no air pockets, bubbles or discolourations.  It is a fresh and new way to enjoy a luxury scented candle for many hours.

The aroma of our Patchouli candle is sweet, spicy earthy and woody.  Blended with cedarwood and cardamon essential oils.  A grounding and balancing effect on the mind and body and spiritually can be used during meditation.

Infused with three crystals amethyst, clear quartz and white howlite.  Amethyst is excellent for sleeping and meditation, calming and healing and with protective and cleansing qualities.  Clear quartz stimulates clear thinking receives , activates transmitsand amplifies harmony.  White Howlite helps deepen sleep and allowing you to sleep better.

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Patchouli Coconut Candle

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