Crafted with love in the heart of Melbourne, our mission is to infuse your daily self care ritual on a journey to find inner balance and peace 

Welcome to Infused Crystals where we believe in the power of holistic self care and inner balance.  Our passion lies in crafting exquisite crystal infused wellness mists and oils, designed to elevate your daily self care ritual.  Each product is thoughtfully created to nurture your mind, body, and spirit, harnessing the energy to enhance your wellbeing with our signature scents.

But we offer more than just products; embark on a journey of healing and serenity with our peaceful reiki experiences.  Allow us to guide you through a nurturing path of relaxation and renewal, leaving you with a radiant and restored sense of inner peace.

At Infused Crystals we’re dedicated to helping you find your inner balance and embrace self care as a sacred ritual.  Join us on this holistic wellness journey, and let the soothing energies of crystals and the power of reiki elevate your wellbeing.

Lina and Silvana x