Abundance Roll On Oil

Abundance Roll On Oil


Unleash the power of abundance, self-confidence, self-belief, and prosperity with our Abundance Oil. Its refreshing citrus scent is a natural energizer, boosting both your energy and confidence levels. Let this special blend from Melbourne empower you to embrace abundance and self-assuredness.

Size: 10ml



Reenergising and Revitalising Oil

Embark on a journey of life’s joy with our Abundance Oil, a true source of energy and invigoration for your surroundings. This crystal-infused essential oil roll-on is an integral part of your uplifting ritual, meant to be applied to pulse points. It features a blend of essential oils mixed with 100% pure fractionated coconut oil and infused with citrine crystals, all working together to energise and uplift your senses.

Essential Oils:

Lemon – Elevates mood, energizes, refreshes, uplifts

Lime – Fresh, uplifting, energizing, mood-brightening

Basil – Enhances mood, reduces stress


Citrine – Boosts self-esteem, personal power, prosperity, abundance, joy, happiness, and manifestation

Sealed with a reiki blessing


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