Balance Roll On Oil

Balance Roll On Oil


Your daily journey of balance and serenity. As you gently apply our roll-on, you’re embarking on a path to experience soothing emotional equilibrium and a deep sense of self-empowerment. All natural and vegan ingredients, for total wellbeing.

Each roll-on is a unique creation, sealed with a Reiki blessing, ensuring it carries positive energy, it’s your daily ritual for embracing harmony and tranquility.

Size: 10ml



Rebalance. Revitalise. Recharge.

Infused with essential oils and the power of our Carnelian crystals this crisp, fruity, and citrus-scented oil is here to uplift your spirits and enhance motivation. It’s a part of a complete balanced ritual.

Our essential oils are thoughtfully blended with 100% pure fractionated coconut oil and infused with Carnelian crystals to help you rebalance, restore, and revitalise. Apply it on your pulse points, and let the magic unfold. It’s time to embrace your best self!

Essential Oils:

Orange – for an uplifting and energising experience that boosts motivation.

Grapefruit – invigorates, clarifies, relieves stress, and enhances mental alertness.

May Chang – uplifts your mood and energises your spirit.


Carnelian – Carnelian amplifies energy, provide empowerment, assist in setting goals, boost courage, promote willpower, and increase vitality, motivation and balancing emotions.

Sealed with a reiki blessing


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