Balance Mist

Balance Mist


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Rebalance, restore and recharge yourself with the balance mist to start your day right. Allows for mind and body to be in perfect balance. Emotional stability as well as feeling self empowered. All natural and vegan, sealed with a reiki blessing and made with love in Melbourne.



Rebalance, revitalise and recharge

Our balance mist is infused with essential oils and enhance with the benefits of a combination of carefully selected crystals. The crisp, fruity, and citrus scent is uplifting and helps to boost motivation. The body and room mist can be sprayed on yourself as well as in room to rebalance, restore and revitalise.

Essential Oils:
Orange – uplifting, energising, boosts motivation
Grapefruit – invigorating, clarifying, relieves stress, increases mental alertness,
May Chang – uplifting the mood, energising

Carnelian – amplifies/provides energy, empowerment, setting goals

2 reviews for Balance Mist

  1. George

    The balance mist is the natural answer to my pain relief.
    The essential oil and crystal combination helps stop my regular headaches.
    The Balance mist has been a fantastic alternative.

  2. Toni

    Refreshing smell, keeps me feeling fresh all day.

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